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CES Units

The Zen Life Wellness Community is excited to begin offering The CES Ultra and Alpha-Stim AID cranial electrotherapy stimulators. They are FDA-approved for use in the treatment of:

Anxiety (PTSD, OCD)

The Alpha-Stim units have some additional limited applications for migraines and chronic pain as pain is interpreted in the brain and CES can be helpful in the mitigation of some pain symptoms.



  • 9 out of 10 clients using Alpha-Stim report significant improvements for these condition according to research cited on the manufacturer website.
  • CES Ultra and Alpha-Stim are safe. In more than 30 years of use no serious adverse events were reported.
  • FDA approved, CES Ultra and Alpha-Stim are classified as a noninvasive treatment.

These machines can be used during therapy sessions and rented for home use.  Most conditions usually require daily use for an initial period of weeks or a few months, although a few people report immediate improvements and the units are also used in spot treatment for state anxiety and phobias.

Please speak to your therapist for more details.

Here is a link to the CES Ultra website.

Here is some additional information from the Alpha-Stim(TM) website:

Mood Conditions Information

Fighting Anxiety

Handling Depression

Working with Insomnia

Product Brochure


Some good research studies can be found at the following links for those interested.  Some of the research applies to both products:

CES Ultra Research

Alpha-Stim Research (company website)

Alpha-Stim Research (3rd party list of articles)