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Counseling FAQ:

Why should I see a counselor when I have friends and family to talk with?

Occasionally the answer is “you shouldn’t”.  Friends and family can be great supports.  But sometimes they are not neutral — you may need someone not involved in your life situations to bounce issues off of.  Other times even loved ones are just not great listeners.  Of course, not everyone HAS friends and family to talk with.  You could have moved, gotten into fights, experienced deaths, or just be shy.

Counselors are trained to listen carefully, handle feelings well, and have professional tools to get to the bottom of issues.

Are you going to sit there and nod and say, “…and how do you feel about that?”

A little bit.  People need to figure out how they are feeling to get clear on life’s situations.   One complaint we hear over and over again from new clients is that this is all their former therapist used to do.  Good therapists are also able to help clients brainstorm solutions.  Good therapists often have resource ideas.  Many of our therapists utilize homework, card sorts, workbooks, and other concrete tools for accomplishment.  Of course, many clients are auditory learners and extraverts.  That is, they need to say their thoughts out loud and talk about them in order to process them and understand what they need.  Some talking and listening can be a good thing.  That said, our therapists are human beings not nodding machines.

How much is this going to cost?

Its a frustration of ours that the answer is not totally clear upfront.  Most of our clients are utilizing insurance.  What you pay depends upon what your co-payment or co-insurance is, if you have a deductible, and what your insurance company has decided they will pay for sessions.  Many insurance plans have no deductible and no co-payment and you pay nothing.  More typically there is a $10-$30 co-payment.  Occasionally we come across a plan with a really high deductible and then the main benefit of your insurance plan is that you pay the in-network rate for therapy.

Some clients have flexible health spending accounts which help with expenses.

If you are paying us cash out of pocket, most of our therapists charge between $80 and $150 per session.  Our therapist will have this conversation with you first thing so there is no question.

We encourage and sometimes require credit cards on file.  We accept cash, checks, and most insurance plans too.

Do you take insurance?

Yes. Take a look at the “Fees” page on the menu bar for more information on this.

Acupuncture FAQ:

Don’t you have to take your clothes off for acupuncture?

There are some body points that are used for acupuncture but in the community setting we use points that are easily accessible on the head, arms, legs and feet so there is never any need to remove clothes

Does it hurt?

We use hair thin, one-time use sterilized needles.  You may not even notice when the needle is placed but sometimes there is a quick pinching sensation or an ache that quickly goes away.

Is this confidential with so many people around?

Treatment is as confidential as you would like it to be. We do encourage everyone to fill out a quick questionnaire with every treatment and there is room for comments on it.  Some people are comfortable talking quietly about their reasons for treatment so you may overhear someone talking in the waiting room or treatment room.

What results should I expect?

Each person is different but most people will experience improvement directly after treatment. Results last for two or three days at first but begin to last longer with regular treatment. After 5 treatments, give or take, you will start to get a sense for how your body is responding to the shift in energies. Many people find that regular treatments improve their overall moods, give them more energy, and reduce sickness and recovery time due to injury.

How does acupuncture work?
How does Aspirin work? You may know that it reduces swelling and inflammation, but do you know how exactly? Me neither. You put your faith in science and your own results. Acupuncture predates modern medicine by many thousands of years. Acupuncture has been used to heal since 100 BC. Modern medicine does show that Acupuncture creates clinically significant results for a wide variety of mental and physical pain.

Here are a few more in-depth links on how acupuncture works:

How Does Acupuncture Work?

A Healthy Poke: Demystifying the Science Behind Acupuncture

There have been thousands of studies on the scientific validity of acupuncture treatment.  The Acupuncture Referral Service website has one of the better round-ups of articles on the use of acupuncture with all manner of ailments.



What’s up with the sliding scale?
The sliding scale from $20 – $40 is a way to charge a price that is affordable to the community but still allow our acupuncturists to make a living wage.  You choose where you fit on the scale based on your own personal finances, no questions asked.  Most acupuncturists in the US charge from $65 – $175 per hour long private session. We are getting back to the roots of acupuncture as it is done in China by treating more affordably in a group setting. You will receive a receipt which some insurance plans and flexible health spending accounts may accept.