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Happy Easter to all those celebrating from The Zen Life Wellness Community!


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Fighting Virginia CACREP-Only Regulations

Virginia is currently fighting off proposed new licensing regulations that would restrict new counselors to graduates of CACREP accredited programs.

This is a highly complex matter and their are several good things about CACREP standards.  The problems include exclusion of equally excellent trained counselors from other sources and the arbitrary loss to the public of badly needed counselors just as counseling needs soar.

Currently, the Virginia Board is taking comments through 7/1/15 about their proposed CACREP-only licensing rules.  Please follow this link to make your opposition apparent:


For more about this issue see:



We currently have a limited time promotion running on Amazon Local for Owings Mills walk-in community acupuncture.

The Promotion:

  • $25 (a $95 value) for Two Community Acupuncture Treatments with Consultation Included
  • One per customer
  • Unlimited numbers of these may be bought as gifts

Here is a link to the Amazon Local coupon:



Please note that appointments ARE NOT necessary.  The Amazon Local system seems to require the ad say that.  Clients utilizing these vouchers can drop-in anytime:

    • Sun.  12pm – 4pm
    • Mon.  10am – 2pm

Tues  3pm – 7pm

Please, please note however that our acupuncture center will be CLOSED May 17th, 18th, 24th, and 25th.  We have also discontinued Thursday hours.



I received a phone call from 99.1 WNEW, about a fatal car crash this morning in Frederick.  Claire Knight was 17 years old and a student at Middletown High School. Her SUV collided with a school bus on Old Middletown Road late this morning and she was confirmed dead on the scene.


WNEW reporters were looking for my professional advice on how to help families and teenagers in the community, cope with this devastating loss. Giving a live interview is not something I have had a ton of experience with, so I hung up the phone feeling like I was not able to give such a heavy question justice, on the spot.


I remember one particular loss of a friend when I was a young teenager. The strange, surreal feelings came back as I considered how very different grief can feel at such a young age. As a parent now, the horror of losing a child, also pulls at my heart. I imagine there are a lot of tears falling in Maryland right now.


What can anyone do or say? Not much. There aren’t words to make this kind of pain go away. Gestures of love and respect are generally well received, but the time for words varies for each person. There are counselors and therapists available at Middletown High School for those who need to be heard, but for some, it is too soon to process feelings out loud, and that is alright. Unless expressions of grief lead to violence against the self or others, anything goes. Grief is a personal experience. There is no right or wrong way to feel and express it.


For some people, it can be helpful to use nonverbal expressions of love and grief to explore these complicated feelings. Rituals, like funerals are a comfort to many people. They create a culturally safe place to grieve as a group and find some small amount of closure. For others, a ritual might involve visiting a special place, and spending time writing, drawing, praying or meditating on grief, as it comes up. Words sometimes fail where art takes over.


Parents who are concerned that their child may need some support might want to consider reaching out to a minister or trusted family member or friend. It can be hard for kids to talk to parents about their feelings at this age, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to talk. A therapist is also a good option, but only if the teen in question is open to the idea. For some, the safe space of therapy becomes a way to let out grief and fears more easily.


As a therapist, the one thing I look for as a red flag, is a sense of guilt. If your loved one is expressing a feeling that he or she is directly to blame for the loss, this can lead to more profound complications in the grieving process. Some amount of guilt is natural. Often people will begin to wish that they had done something to prevent the tragedy from happening. But when a person feels genuinely responsible for the loss, it may be time to seek professional help.


Our hearts and prayers go out to the friends and family of Claire Knight.


Lorah Bess Hauf, LCPC

Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychotherapist

The Zen Life Wellness Community and Maryland Modern Family Counseling


Help for Your Hangover on New Year’s Day 2015

On New Year’s Day 1/1/15 from 11am to 4pm, we will be doing acupuncture for hangovers (and anything else too).  Light, hangover friendly, snacks will be served. Bring a friend who is new to The Zen Life Wellness Community and pay two for the price of one.


Could a Probiotic Help Your Mood?

People in the Baltimore area could use some help with stress, depression, and anxiety.  But when we suggest looking into whether or not a probiotic might help with mood, people look at us funny.  No, this is not a silly concept.

Here is a good article outlining that some research is just starting to establish that gut bacteria can effect the brain and behavior.


Gut feeling: How intestinal bacteria may influence our moods



8 Hours of Sleep is a Myth

Here are links to two of our favorite articles on sleep.  The gist of it is that prior to the light bulb, most people slept in two 4-hour periods with a 1-2 hour active period in the middle.  This might help explain why some people in our society just can’t make the single giant sleep period work.

Now then, how do we convince people to try devoting 10+ hours to sleep?  Perhaps if they realize that they get back 1-2 hours of that in the middle of the night?




Just think how much better depression and anxiety problems in Owings Mills and Reisterstown might be with some proper sleep.


Community walk-in acupuncture is usually $20-$40. Pretty great deal already.

How would you like to bring a friend for free? We’ve all encountered situations where we know something is wonderful, but can’t talk our friends and family into it.

For a temporary time, we can fix this problem for you. When you spend $20 for a coupon through our Maryland Deals offer, you can bring a friend for free when you come. That’s buy one get one free at the same time for $20!

Click here to get the Maryland Deals offer while it lasts.




Please come visit us in Owings Mills only about 2 miles outside the Baltimore Beltway (I-695) on Reisterstown Road.


Great Living Social $87 Package for $175 of Services

We have a few temporary deals running right now to encourage new clients to check us out.  The best package is the one through Living Social.  For $87 you get three (3) included acupuncture sessions, three (3) 50% off additional acupuncture sessions, and three (3) buy-one bring a friend free sessions.  Oh — also $40 in coupons!  A $175 value.


Click here to get the Living Social deal while it lasts.



Acupuncture Open House Sunday September 28th 2-4PM

OPEN HOUSEparty_horns



Please join us on Sunday 9/28 2-4pm as we celebrate the opening of our community acupuncture and counseling clinic.  We will have free short demonstrations of community acupuncture in action as well as tours of the center, snacks, and coupon giveaways.

The Zen Life Wellness Community is a holistic healing center dedicated to helping you feel your best and achieve your life goals.  We are starting operations with a mental health counseling clinic (accepting most major insurance plans) and a $20-$40 per session walk-in community acupuncture clinic.

Community acupuncture is a great way to afford treatment that is far more expensive at boutiques.  Clients relax in their chair or couch for as long as needed and obtain benefits for conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and issues with the muscles, jaw, and head.  A modified acupuncture protocol for fully clothed people is utilized which concentrates on extremities for treatment so that a small group of people can be treated in the same room.

Our mental health counselors treat children, adults, and couples.  If you have never sought counseling before and wish to check out what a caring counseling center is like before booking an appointment, this is a great opportunity.

Our center is two miles outside the Beltway on Reisterstown Road in Owings Mills, near Reisterstown and Pikesville.

For questions and concerns please contact us at info@tzlwc.com or 443-712-7777.

The Zen Life Wellness Community

9921 Reisterstown Road Suite 3C

Owings Mills, MD 21117