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December 2012 Newsletter


Happy Holidays!


Do you really enjoy the moment or are you so busy creating the moment that is passes you by?


Mindfulness is a technique for enjoying life that we often forget during this hectic time of year. The idea of mindfulness is to let go of regret from the  past moment, anxiety for the future and truly live in the present, if only for a while.


You can capture the moment in the most unlikely places. Stop for a moment in that hectic line at the mall and soak it all in. Really look at the people and the bustle around you. Let go of judgement, let go of the past and future and really be present. Now take another moment later in the evening. Lower the lights and enjoy the quiet of the house when things have stilled for the evening. Enjoy your holiday decorations. This is your life right now. Take the time to notice it.