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Jan 2013 End of the World

Welcome to The End Of The World


We are rapidly moving to the end of January and so far the end of the world has been a bit anticlimactic. Oh well, it made for interesting small talk for a while there. But we are in the season of New Years Resolutions. Do you have one? No? Me neither. But that’s ok. Resolutions are best saved for those moments in life when somethings got to give, change is around the corner or you are so stuck in a rut that you have to create the change yourself. Crisis is also a great motivator for creating resolutions. If you are in the mood for a resolution though here are a few tips for reaching your goals.


  1. Break your big goal down into smaller steps. Say you want to exercise more, as so many seem to resolve to do every year, create a plan that is small and manageable. Try just adding a short walk to your routine on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Build from there.


  1. Connect habits you already have to ones you would like to start. Have you always wanted to start a journal? Before you turn on the TV in the evening, write just one positive thought from your day in your journal. Keep it right next to the remote. Or if you are like me, write in your journal before you open up your bedtime novel.


  1. Tell The World! We are much more likely to stick to a habit when there are witnesses. Having a partner or two in your goal never hurts either.


  1. Prepare for the moments when you get off track. Going on vacation and even getting sick are classic road bumps that are hard to come back from. Think of ways you can maintain your new habit even in the worst of circumstances. When I am too tired to journal I just write, “too tired, must sleep” and I never try to catch up with dates I have missed because I’ve found that catching up becomes overwhelming and can throw off the routine.


  1. Focus on the positive. When you are sitting there saying “I should really get up and go for that walk but I’m so tired, and its kinda cold outside and I should really do some laundry…” stop and picture the things you like about walking. Maybe you enjoy listening to your music or that feeling of accomplishment when you get back. Even a walk around the block is better than giving in to procrastination.


Enjoy the end of the world. Make this one count.